Off-Duty Employment

Commonly referred to as “off-duty”, “secondary” or “self employment," deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office are often available for employment outside their normal scope of duties. This employment primarily entails security details and/or traffic control. However, some deputies are hired for mere peace of mind. The following is information for businesses and individuals interested in hiring Jackson County, Missouri, Sheriff’s Deputies in an off-duty capacity.

Screening & Approval

With each job comes the responsibility of being in compliance with all laws as well as Chapter 922 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code. For that reason, all employment opportunities must be screened to ensure that they meet the needed criteria. In addition, all off-duty employment must be approved by the Sheriff via the deputy’s chain of command prior to working any event.

Depending on the number of deputies needed, sergeants and/or captains may be required as supervisors for the event. If no supervisor is required, the hourly rate for a deputy will apply to those working the event. In cases requiring a supervisor, the following rates shall apply:

Current Hourly Rates

Position Hourly Rate
 Deputy $38 
 Sergeant $44

(1.5 This Rate For Holidays)

Other Restrictions

  • 4-Hour Employment Minimum
  • 48-Hour Cancellation Policy

Worker's Compensation/General Liability Coverage

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office does not provide worker’s compensation or general liability coverage for off-duty employment. That is the responsibility of the corporation / individual requesting the off-duty employment. In addition, the legal authority vested in a sworn law enforcement member working off-duty employment is limited to the enforcement of federal law, state statutes and county ordinances. Officers cannot use police authority to enforce a private employer’s policies and regulations.

Note: The Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to deny any off-duty request.