Property / Evidence Unit

Mission Statement

The mission of the Property / Evidence Unit is to serve the citizens of Jackson County by properly receiving, documenting, safe guarding, preparing for release, releasing, destroying contraband items booked in to custody at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Item Recover & Release

If you have a reason to believe or you are notified by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office that your property has been recovered or seized, you will need to contact the Property / Evidence Unit at 816-541-8017, ext. 72222 to arrange for the return of the items. Proof of ownership and personnel identification will be required at the time the property is released.


Items held as evidence will not be released until all investigations and legal proceedings are complete. Firearms used in the commission of a crime cannot be released back to the owner without a court order from the court of jurisdiction.

Advice To Property Owners

Whenever possible, record the serial numbers of all appliances, televisions, radio’s, compact disc players, etc. in a safe and secure location so that in case your property is stolen, you can provide the serial numbers to the detective.

Please remember that there are thousands of items stolen each year and even though we may recover your property, we will not be able to identify it as stolen property unless you can provide the serial number.