Investigations Division


The Investigations Division is responsible for investigating all crimes against property and crimes against persons. Several of the detectives have received specialized training in a variety of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Auto and heavy equipment theft
  • Computer crime
  • Fire scene investigation
  • Juvenile sex crime and abuse

The duties of these detectives are to conduct follow up investigations of offenses reported to this office. Crimes investigated range from simple petty theft to homicide.


Task Forces

Members of the Investigations Division participate in multi-jurisdictional task forces, such as the Metro Squad, which investigates major cases in the Metro KC area.

Property / Evidence Unit

The Property / Evidence Unit maintains the storage of all property and evidence secured / recovered during investigation of crimes. They also maintain the inventory of lost and found items.

Sex Offender Unit

The Sex Offender Registration Enforcement (SORE) Unit provides the registration process and the enforcement procedures for those convicted sex offenders required by law to register with the county.