Mounted Posse Division

Jackson County Mounted Posse

The Mounted Posse was originated and chartered in June of 1947. They serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff of Jackson County as a horse mounted unit.

Members are made up of volunteers owning their own horse and equipment. They are called upon and deliver assistance without compensation from taxpayers. They stand ready to assist especially in areas inaccessible by car or on foot for missing persons. Several of the members are certified Jackson County officers having completed the necessary training and range qualifications.

Search & Recovery
Within the Posse is a group assigned to Search and Recovery. This group is specially trained to assist in lost person searches.

Auxiliary Force
The Posse is constantly striving in its efforts and purpose to give Jackson County an auxiliary force available to the Sheriff’s Office to serve the community.

Sheriff Posse

Sheriff's Posse Featured in Magazine Article
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