Sex Offender Unit

Sex Offender Registration Enforcement (SORE) Unit

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office SORE (Sex Offender Registration Enforcement) unit is located at 1315 Locust Street, Suite 100, Kansas City Missouri 64106 on the first floor.  The unit is open to see Offenders Monday thru Friday from 8:15am until 3:15pm, excluding holidays.

Citizens may report information on non-compliant offenders at  Information on sexual offenders required to report in Missouri can be found at:


All persons that have been ordered to report as a sexual offender in Jackson County Missouri will need to respond to 1315 Locust, Suite 100, Kansas City MO 64106 to report.  Information regarding an offender’s registration status will not be provided by phone. 

Any changes to an offender’s status (change in address, phone number, vehicles, ect.) must be reported within 3 days of the change.  Changes will not be accepted on scheduled appointments if not within the three-day time frame.  The offender will be required to complete registration as a walk-in appointment


General questions:

1) What type of ID is required:

·      Valid State ID or Driver’s License

·      DOC or Federal DOC card (initial registration only)

·      Passport

·      Birth Certificate, Social Security card and photo ID



2) What online identifiers must be reported?

·      All online identifiers must be reported.  This includes email, social media accounts and online gaming information.

3) Does an offender need to report all IP addresses they use?

·      Yes, including work IP addresses and locations that offer free WiFi access, such as coffee shops and restaurants.  IP addresses must be provided for all electronic items that access the internet.

·      This information can be located using IP identification assistance sites such as IP Chicken

4) Does an offender need to report all phone numbers that they use?

·      Yes, all phone numbers used must be reported including work phone numbers.

·      The service provider, as well as the phone number, must be provided.

5)  What is accepted as proof of residency?

·      Mail addressed to the offender at that residence.

·      Utility bill at that address in the offender’s name

·      Mortgage statement, current personal property tax receipt of the offender.

·      Current lease or hotel receipt of the offender.

·      Letter from Probation/Parole showing where the offender is staying after release from incarceration.

6)  Do offenders have to report when they will not be staying at their residence?

·      Depending on the destination and length of the trip, offenders may be required by federal law to report the trip at least 21 days in advance.

o   When traveling within the United States, and gone for more than 7 days, the trip must be reported two weeks prior to the departure.

o   The full address of each destination needs to be provided.

o   If an offender is traveling to, or through, another state, the offender will need to research those state’s registration requirements.

7)  What if an offender registered in another state is temporarily staying in Missouri?

·      If the offender is registered in another state and stays in Missouri for more than seven days in a 12-month period, they must register in Missouri.

·      The stay does not have to be consecutive.

8)  Does an offender need to register employment?

·      Yes, an offender is required to report all employment, including temporary positions.  All temporary positions (temp agency placements for example) require the physical address that the offender is working to be reported as well.

9)  Does an offender need to report all vehicles owned and/or operated?

·      Yes, an offender must report all vehicles owned and/or operated.  This includes any vehicle(s) operated during the course of employment. 

10)  How does an offender make an appointment with the SORE unit?

·      Advanced appointments can only be made with one of the SORE Unit clerks after the offender has successfully completed their registration requirements at 816-881-3849

·      Same day appointments can be made at the Kiosk, located at 1315 Locust.  Please note that the Kiosk opens at 8am.  It is recommended that you be present when the Kiosk opens to ensure that you obtain an appointment for that day.

Please remember that all changes must be reported within three days of the change.  Changes will not be accepted on scheduled appointments if not within the three-day time frame. 




Be Informed & Aware

Knowledge is the 1st line of defense in protecting our children and adults alike from sexually based offenses. Accurate, detailed information about convicted sex offenders and their whereabouts is paramount when trying to create a safe environment in which we work, live and play. The public is encouraged to report any suspicious activity they observe to their local authorities and to report any information about a sex offender registration crime to the S.O.R.E. Unit.