Sex Offender Unit

“Attention ALL convicted sex offenders registering in Jackson County, Missouri:  

Effective Monday, June 15th, 2020, the Jackson County, Missouri Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement Unit will again open to the public with appointments and changes taken between the hours of 8 am and 3pm.

Pursuant to RSMo 589.400-425, all sex offender registrations must be completed in person; registrations or changes will no longer be accepted by phone, email, or by mail. 

Note:  In effort to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Jackson County has implemented special requirements to enter the buildings.  These include being required to wear a mask for entry and maintaining social distancing.  Additional details may be located by visiting:

Sex Offender Registration Enforcement (SORE) Unit

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce it has partnered with an application called, “QLess®” to help streamline the sex offender registration process. A sex offender can now schedule an appointment for any update online. In addition to the new ability to make appointments online, sex offenders will still be able to walk in and sign up via a QLess same-day service request if there are open spots available.


Currently, we require an appointment or a QLess same-day service request for any registration duties and to be seen in person at our Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement Unit. Anyone needing to complete an affidavit or complete registration must sign in via QLess. If a person has a phone, and legal internet access, they may schedule an appointment from anywhere. If an individual does not have a phone or internet access, they may respond to the lobby of 1315 Locust, Kansas City, MO and sign in via the tablet provided.


Once given an appointment or joining the same-day service line, the QLess program will send text message reminders and confirmation to the offender. Please, keep in mind that registration must still be completed in person, and merely signing up for an appointment via QLess does not constitute registration.


“I am pleased to introduce the QLess system,” said Sheriff Forté.  “QLess will help ensure the health and safety of the citizens which is one of my first and foremost concerns. Ensuring the maximum amount of social distancing possible must be a priority to ensure everyone's health and safety. QLess will also improve efficiencies within the SORE Unit when dealing with the large number of individuals needing to register.  By adding QLess, the registration process will be more efficient ensuring accurate information is available to those who navigate the registry for information on sex offenders.”

Be Informed & Aware

Knowledge is the 1st line of defense in protecting our children and adults alike from sexually based offenses. Accurate, detailed information about convicted sex offenders and their whereabouts is paramount when trying to create a safe environment in which we work, live and play. The public is encouraged to report any suspicious activity they observe to their local authorities and to report any information about a sex offender registration crime to the S.O.R.E. Unit.