1. When I call 911, does the dispatcher know where I am?

If you are calling from a wired line (i.e. your home phone) the information normally shows on our equipment. However, we must verify the information by asking your name, location, and phone number. If you are calling from a cell phone, sometimes the information will appear. If your cell phone does not have a Global Positioning System (GPS) chip in it, only the location of the cellular tower will show up. This is why it is very important to give exact location information when you are calling from a cell phone.

2. Why does the dispatcher call me back if I dial 911 by mistake?

Yes. When anyone calls 911, we must make sure there is no emergency. If you hang up the telephone, we must call you back to make sure everything is alright. If you do not answer, or refuse to hang up an operator breaks in on your conversation, the appropriate agency will respond to your residence to check on you.

Reporting a Crime

1. What happens after I report a crime?

An investigator will be assigned the case to pursue and/or follow-up any available leads.

2. Is an investigator assigned to every reported crime?

No. There will only be an investigator assigned if it is deemed a solvable case, meaning if there is any suspect information, vehicle information, evidence that would point to a suspect, eye witnesses, etc. All felony cases or any case involving a missing person will always have an investigator assigned. An example of a crime where there would be no investigator assigned is property damage, such as a mail box damaged, with no suspect information or vehicle description available.

3. What do I do if I have further information?

If you have further information to give such as serial numbers on property, suspect information, etc., the Administrative Assistant can take that information at 816-541-8017, ext. 219.

4. What happens during an investigation?

The investigator will take statements from the victim(s) and witnesses to develop a suspect(s) in the case. Once a suspect(s) is identified the investigator will interview the suspect(s) and if there is probable cause will present the case to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution.

5. Can I make a police report over the telephone?

No. A deputy must respond to your location to take the report, or you can come to our office at Fleming Park (Lake Jacomo) to make a walk-in report.

Sheriff's Office

1. I need to have court documents served. Who serves evictions, ex-partes, garnishments, replevins, and/or subpoenas, etc.?

Although most Sheriff’s Offices in Missouri handle civil process, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office does not. Pursuant to the Jackson County Home Rule Charter, all civil process service is handled by process servers and execution deputies of the 16th Circuit Court’s Department of Civil Process. For information on how to serve evictions, ex-parte orders of protection, garnishments, replevin orders, subpoenas and/or any other type of civil process, please contact the Civil Process Department of the 16th Judicial Circuit at 816-881-3644

16th Judicial Circuit Civil Process Department

2. Where can i get information about sex offender registration?

The Sheriff’s Office has a special webpage regarding Sex Offender Registration. 

Sex Offender Unit Page

3. How do I get to the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters?

The Sheriff’s Office Headquarters is located north of I-470 and Woods Chapel Road. The easiest access is from I-470/M-291. Take the Woods Chapel Road exit east to Lakewood Drive, north to Lakewood Court, and south to the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters. 

Sheriff’s Office Headquarters

4. What is the difference between a Police Officer and a Sheriff Deputy?

There are 18 municipalities within Jackson County. Police Officers primarily serve the citizens of those incorporated cities, and Sheriff’s Deputies perform the same duties as Police Officers within all of Jackson County. Although Sheriff's Deputies primarily serve the citizens of unincorporated Jackson County, the authority of the Sheriff and his Deputies to enforce state laws, including state traffic laws, extends across the entire county.

5. I think I have a warrant for my arrest, what should I do?

If you believe you have an arrest warrant, you may surrender yourself at any police station or at the Sheriff’s Office Headquarters. The Sheriff’s Office will not inform you over the telephone whether or not you have warrants. 

Sheriff’s Office Headquarters

6. How do I find out if someone is in jail?

Pursuant to the Jackson County Home Rule Charter, Jackson County, Missouri Sheriff’s Office does not operate the Jackson County Department of Corrections (JCDOC). The JCDOC is operated independently by Jackson County, and they may be reached at 816-881-4200. If the person is in another jail, you need to call that specific jail. Visit the Jackson County Department of Corrections for additional information, including information regarding visitation policies at the County Detention Center. 

Jackson County Department of Corrections

7. Does the Sheriff’s Office have a Lost and Found? I left something at the Courthouse Security checkpoint. Can I get it back?

The Property/Evidence Unit safe guards all non-evidence, such as found items. Items left at the Jackson County courthouse security checkpoints remain there for 30 days, after which they are turned into the Property/Evidence Unit. These items are held for 1 year after which they are disposed of in the manner prescribed by law. 

Property/Evidence Unit

8. My vehicle was towed. How do I get it back?

This information is only for vehicles which have been towed by authority of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office uses 4 selected tow services. If you are not informed of which company towed your vehicle, you will need to call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Property/Evidence Unit at 816-541-8017, ext. 72222 during normal business hours ( Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.). You will need to provide information on the year, make, and model of the vehicle in question and the date in which the vehicle was towed. You may claim your vehicle at any time provided that the vehicle is not being held on a “Police Hold”. A police hold will only be placed on vehicles involved in a criminal investigation not to exceed 24 hours unless further ordered by the courts. To claim your vehicle, you will need to go to the appropriate Tow Service and show proof of ownership (title and registration on the vehicle) and have a photo ID.

9. How do I get a permit to purchase a gun?

Since August 28, 2007, you no longer need a permit to transfer when purchasing a firearm; you will go into a gun shop and make your purchase. At that time, the dealer must contact NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System), and you must complete the BATF form 4473 before you take possession of the firearm. Individual-to-individual transactions within the state will not require a permit to transfer.

Transactions involving the purchase of a firearm from another state still require that the handgun is transferred to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer in Missouri, and then the purchaser picks up the firearm from that dealer. 

National Instant Criminal Background Check System


1. Being a telecommunicator sounds like an exciting job. What does it take to become one?

You must be 21 years of age and have a high school education or GED. Contact Jackson County Human Resources at 816-881-3135 to ask about job openings. 

Human Resources

2. What training does a telecommunicator receive?

Missouri law requires that all telecommunicators receive 40 hours of specialized training including Roles and Responsibilities, Legal Aspects, Interpersonal Communications, Technologies, Telephone Techniques/Call Processing, Call Classification, Radio Communications, and Stress Management. There is a 12-week in-service training program taught by certified telecommunicators. In addition, every telecommunicator must receive 16 hours of post-approved training in a 2-year period in order to keep their certification.