Reporting a Crime

1. What happens after I report a crime?

An investigator will be assigned the case to pursue and/or follow-up any available leads.

2. Is an investigator assigned to every reported crime?

No. There will only be an investigator assigned if it is deemed a solvable case, meaning if there is any suspect information, vehicle information, evidence that would point to a suspect, eye witnesses, etc. All felony cases or any case involving a missing person will always have an investigator assigned. An example of a crime where there would be no investigator assigned is property damage, such as a mail box damaged, with no suspect information or vehicle description available.

3. What do I do if I have further information?

If you have further information to give such as serial numbers on property, suspect information, etc., the Administrative Assistant can take that information at 816-541-8017, ext. 219.

4. What happens during an investigation?

The investigator will take statements from the victim(s) and witnesses to develop a suspect(s) in the case. Once a suspect(s) is identified the investigator will interview the suspect(s) and if there is probable cause will present the case to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution.

5. Can I make a police report over the telephone?

No. A deputy must respond to your location to take the report, or you can come to our office at Fleming Park (Lake Jacomo) to make a walk-in report.